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Welcome to the LLU Drayson Center Intramural Website. (Updated: 2/12/16 - 2:15 PM
This will be the place to register your team, find your scores and standings. You can also keep up with your team and leagues you are playing in.

*UPDATE FOR SUPERFIELD: The field and track are OPEN for all scheduled activities.

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Below is the Basketball Intramural playoff format and schedule.
Co-Rec Basketball – Top 4 teams each div: Semi’s Mon. 2-22 | Finals Wed. 2-24
Men’s Div. 2 – Top 2 Teams from each D-2 League: Qtrs. Mon. 2-22 | Semi’s Tues. 2-23 |Champ. Thurs. 2-25
Men’s Div. 1 – Top 4 Teams: Semi’s Tues. 2-23 | Champ. Thurs. 2-25
Women’s – Top 4 Teams: Semi’s Tues. 2-23 | Champ. Thurs. 2-25

These dates are FINAL so if you think your team will make the playoffs, please start preparing now in case you have another conflict.

Women's Short Soccer playoff date and format
Top 4 Teams - Semi's 2-23 7pm followed by Championship game 8:30pm

-Those not registered on your team cannot participate in playoffs!

Don't forget to Follow us on Twitter @LLUDC_RECSPORTS

*Reminder, only registered players on your roster, having played 2 league games will be allowed to play in the playoffs.

When on the New Turf Field There is NO:

*Sport Drinks (only water)
*Sunflower Seeds
You will be asked to throw out any of these items if you bring them. We really want to keep the field looking nice.

Team Entry Fees For Intramural Leagues:
Student Team = $0.00 and $70 Forfeit deposit
Non-Student Team = $300 and $70 Forfeit fee. (Remember, an all LLU Student team is NO CHARGE.
The fee that comes up with the registration is for Non-Student Teams). A fee of $25 will be charged to a team for each non-student on a student team.
You must email me (link below) if your team is all students so the fee can be waived.
If your register a team and you drop out after schedules are posted, you will be charged a processing fee.

Students use your ID# for Participant Number
Non-Students use your Drayson ID# or your 8-digit birthdate and year for your Participant number (ex.07111967).

*NOTE, You MUST create an account to add a team to a league. When you add your team you will see a window asking for names and e-mail address. You must use the e-mail feature to send an e-mail to all of your players so they can add themselves to your team. They must accept the terms which include the "Release of Liability"

For Rules for all IM Sports, Click Here

Any questions, please contact Edwin Jones by emailing eljones@llu.edu

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